Friday, March 17, 2006

Well hello people. Its been along time since I blogblogblogged. Her majesty came and opened the new building for the A.M.'s to feel good in their working environment and I shouted myself horse when her majesty arrived 'WELSH ASSEMBLY INDISGRACE As its wilful neglect of vulnerable adults finally hits the headlines'. A little to the annoyance of some of the crowd but then they havent been protesting for the past two years have they, I even added the ole 'Media in Wales aid and abet the welsh assembly in the wilful neglect of vulnerable adults. I ought to cut the vulnerable out by now and just say adults. So her majesty left and every thing is as it was before, which is not any different.

The local gov. ombudsman is refusing to do certain things on my behalf, like ask for certain stuff from the council, or even Taff housing, and it seems that the A.M.'s or my M.P. Julie Morgan aren't particulaly bothered as usual. What I did hear this week is that the istitute for welsh affairs is recommending that housing be taken out of councils hands, I wonder if thats due to the fiddling of the rent revenue account to the tune of £30 million not that the police have been interested in investigating that in any way eh Mrs Wilding she being tha Chief constable of the South Wales Police. I wonder why.

Good ole accepted practice thats why Crazydave. Yep good ole accepted practice meanwhile those who have allowed this bit of a Scam get away with out so much as 'you have been rather naughty'. Nope all hidden if they can.

Wonder if the BMA is ever gonna question you Doctor Gibbon about your knowledge of the complaint against Dr. kennedy for perjuring a report of an appointment with me?????

I wonder, Yep a statue of Winston Churchill in a straight jacket gets all the media attention this week pity they weren't eager to highlight the above banner, 'Tell ya sorry thats its upside down people' yeah what about a £75 Grand lottery grant for that one crazydave, a little bird told me thats what some daubs of paint cost the Assembly for thier chamber.

Well I havent been down the bay or the Assembly since Queenies visit (sorry your majesty a not so loyal subject your crazydave, brought up among mining stock see). Oh and why doesn't Charles just Sue the Media for handling stolen goods????I know what its like having your journals ripped off, it something that you want to do to the thiefs head but whats the point.

Well people thats it for today, the ombudsman is getting away with their attempts to pervert the course of justice, the minister for Health n Social Services isn't being grilled over cover up of a lying sonofabitch doctor, and the many continue to be ripped of on behalf of the few. But is that because you all expect someone else to do it all for you rather than you getting involved and taking back your power from these so called representatives of the electorate????????

bless you all Crazydave.

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